We convey the joy of learning based on curiosity and the fascination of discovery.


We have extended the Little Green House philosophy and concept to the early school years (P1 and P2, generally ages 4 to 6) in our day care centres in Gland and Morges, where we convey the joy of learning in a playful way. While at our school children learn in accordance with the canton’s guidelines for the school system, it is the children’s curiosity and joy of discovery that we take as the basis for joyful and efficient learning. That is why we ensure that there is enough time to integrate play and to learn by discovering nature and the world around us.

Learning in small groups of a maximum of 15 children allows us to focus on the individual children, their needs and their level of development in a very individual manner. At the same time, we maintain our concept of language immersion and conduct our lessons in French and English. In the times before and after the lessons, during lunch breaks and during holidays, the children can continue to be looked after at Little Green House. The daily exposure to the three languages – English, French and German – will thus also extend beyond the early day care years into “école enfantine”.

Who is it for?

School children in the canton of Vaud starting their first primary school cycle (P1 – ages 4 to 5, and P2 – ages 5 – 6).

How does it compare to the public primary school / Kindergarten?

At Little Green House our children learn in accordance with the canton’s guidelines for the school system, and our learning goals are aligned. In contrast to public schools in the canton, however, we continue to live our concept of Living Languages (French + English), we give children the opportunity to love what they do, we foster learning experiences away from the class room desk and satisfy our children’s thirst for discovery.




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