Little Green House Concept Nature et Santé
Little Green House Concept Nature et Santé

Growing up healthily and in harmony with nature

At Little Green House we discover the secrets of nature and the joy of a healthy lifestyle along with our children.

Learning from Nature

We spend time outdoors daily and in nearly any weather. Together we explore our surroundings. During excursions we observe animals, big and small. In Spring we create little garden beds, then weed and eventually harvest them ourselves. This way we live the rhythm of the seasons and learn to consciously treat nature’s resources with respect and care.

Living Joyfully, Healthy

Running and playing outside is essential for building healthy immune systems. We satisfy children’s need for movement with outdoor water games. In our kitchen we use many regional organic products: lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole foods and meat from Swiss farms. These foods and our practices influence children’s taste right from the start.

The daily routine is both regular and balanced. Our transparent schedule, with alternating active and quiet phases, gives children security and helps them develop a sense of what is good and healthy. Children learn to take responsibility for their own good health.

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