Little Green House Concept une crèche multilingues à Gland
Little Green House Concept une crèche multilingues à Gland

Every new language is like an open window, a new perspective on the world. Frank Harris

Education for little Citizens of the World

skills to learn new languages

Languages are a precious treasure.

Children who grow up multilingual surroundings will continue to live very naturally in multi-cultural environments.
Multilingualism does not overburden children but opens their mind and strengthens their senses. Interacting with others in a multicultural setting gives children a flexible spirit and strengthens their powers of observation.
Therefore at Little Green House we offer your child a natural multilingual environment beginning with the crèche stage: French, German and English. Acquiring an additional language is easier for children the earlier they start: ideally already before their first birthday!

Our children are born as “linguistic cosmopolitans”

Behavioral scientists have discovered that babies as young as six months of age are able to distinguish sounds from any world language from nonsensical sound. Only later do they choose to exclusively develop their mother tongue.

Little Green House offers childcare by native speakers to all ages of children: English, French and German mother tongue.


Each teacher speaks only in her language with children. One language per teacher.
No classes with books, movies or tapes. Playing, explaining and narrating is done in normal everyday situations. Children explore the new language through play, autonomously.
Authenticity. The new language is used naturally in all situations.

Proven Results

Children learn the new language in small groups more successfully than with traditional methods.
The mother tongue does not suffer but is enriched by the acquisition of a new language.
Cognitive abilities have been shown to develop comparably better for children who are raised in a multilingual rather than a monolingual setting.

Stable relationships are vital for the positive development of your child. For us our working relationship with families is also a foundation for a service that offers flexibility, service beyond traditional opening hours. Read more…