Our childcare in Belmont-Broye will be trilingual:


Opening Hours

Our childcare centre stays open during school vacations, and will  only close 2 weeks at the end of the year. We welcome new babies and children any time during the year.


Ambre Tofaj

+41 26 555 70 20
For questions about the registration: Sofia Monteiro
+41(0)76 815 37 40



Pré-de-la-Cour 11
1564 Domdidier

I’m so happy to have joined Little Green House and to be part of our first wooden house opening! With this project, we make a part of our values and actions visible, actions that are the basis of our future. Your children, the citizens of tomorrow, are also part of this future, and their mission will be important. This is why we accompany them, learning to live and work together, and to care for each other and the environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to Little Green House.

An environment for each age

In our creche, we structure our groups by age to create the optimal space for living & learning.
We welcome children from the age of 3 months until they enter kindergarten.


Opening Hours06:30-18:30
Resident of Belmont-BroyeMax. 122.- CHF/day
Resident of the canton with municipal subsidy*Max. 130.- CHF/day
Resident of canton without municipal subsidy or non-compliant subsidy / Non-resident of the cantonMax 145.- CHF/day

The registration fee is CHF 200.-
A 7.5% reduction applies to siblings’ tuition fees respectively.

We can extend our opening hours in the morning and evening to support parents, who work shifts. Please contact us to learn more about the different options.
We offer subsidised places for residents of the Canton of Fribourg.*
*Municipal subsidy meets cantonal requirements

Terms and Conditions