Living Languages

We love cultural diversity and the sound of different languages.

In our childcare centre, we are multilingual. French-, English- and German-speaking educators play, explain, narrate and sing in their native language.

All-day long.

Growing up with different languages (almost) provides superpowers:

an open mind,
a strong power of observation,
a flexible spirit.

Multilingualism opens children’s minds, strengthens their senses, and enriches their mother tongue.

Skills to learn a new language

0-2 years old100%
3-7 years old80%
8-10 years old60%
11-15 years old40%
17-39 years old20%

World citizens in nappies & curious cosmopolitans

A natural ease at hearing, speaking and understanding foreign languages opens up a world of opportunities: Meet. Communicate. Play. Experience different cultures. Experience cultural differences. Integrate into local communities. Connect.

Babies as young as six months of age can distinguish sounds from any world language from nonsensical sound. The exclusive development of their mother tongue sets in only later.