Partner to Parents

It takes a village to raise a child.

Let us create yours.

Our childcare centre is a place, where your child is happy and safe, while you are at work; where you and your little one can make friends and meet interesting people; where our teams are delighted to answer your questions; where you can have captivating conversations; where we do our best to provide a safety net for unforeseen work or family situations; and where you can just relax and have fun at our parties and events.

You are at all times invited to take part in the lives of your children at Little Green House. Join us for breakfast. Chat with us at pick-up. Let’s discuss your child’s development. Or just join us for our social events, picnics or parties.

Long opening hours

We are open
Monday through Friday
from 7:00 to 18:30

For hours outside the regular schedule, we’ll try our best to arrange an “on-demand” schedule.

For our employees. For you and your family, hopefully. But not often for our childcare centres.

We’re open all year round.

We’re only closed on official bank holidays, 2 weeks around Christmas and New Year’s, and 2 pedagogic training days per year.

Looking for inspiration, information,
or just a laugh.