At our childcare centre Little Green House Zurich,
we are multilingual:

French, English, German.

Opening Hours

7:00 - 18:30

Our nursery stays open during school vacations. We only close our childcare centre 2 weeks at the end of the year and for 2 training days per year.

An environment for each age

In our childcare centre in Zurich-Altstetten, we create the optimal space for living & learning:

• 3 months to approx 18 months
• 18 months to approx. 2.5 years
• 2 years to approx. 3.5 years
• 3 years until kindergarten

I feel at home in a place where babies discover their own shadow, where two-year-olds observe earthworms in the forest, where three-year-olds present their points of view like pros and four-year-olds turn the world upside down with their questions.

12 years ago, I immersed myself in the world of childcare, got to know different concepts and opened 2 new nurseries. I am looking forward to growing together with the team and the families of Little Green House.


Opening hoursUp to 24 monthsAs of 25 months
07:00-18:30165.- CHF/day155.- CHF/day

The registration fee is CHF 400.-
A 7.5% reduction applies to siblings’ tuition fees respectively.

Additional morning and evening hours between 06:00 – 07:00 and 18:30 – 21:00: CHF 15.- per 30 minutes

We also offer subsidized childcare places through the city of Zurich. To be able to provide you with a subsidized spot, you must submit two confirmations. You can find out how to obtain these confirmations from the city of Zurich and who is entitled to subsidies on the homepage of the city of Zurich.

Terms and Conditions


Veronica Pajic


Baslerstrasse 60
8048 Zurich


+41(0)41 748 30 60



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