We at Little Green House have a vision: we want to make our day care a place where little and grown-up people feel free to be who they are and to become who they want to be.



We love to laugh. And we love to play.

We are a joyful place for children, parents and educators, because we try to remain open to the big and small surprises of life. Every day we discuss, experiment, laugh, dream and grow, and we wholeheartedly embrace the importance of play.

When playing, children get to know the world, each other and above all themselves. Playing means the joy of discovery, trying things out, inventing and creating, copying and imitating. It means acquiring social, emotional, and cognitive skills in a playful manner. It is where children acquire self-confidence and develop a sense of self-determination and social behaviour that prepares them for school and a confident and active life.

That is why Little Green House provides children with as much opportunity for diverse, rich, intensive, and stimulating play as possible.

We provide the space where little people can unfold freely

Our approach is inspired by the educational philosophies of Maria Montessori, Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia) and Rudolf Steiner that all believe in the intrinsic abilities and capabilities of children. In our Little Green Houses, we want to provide the frame that allows our children:

to grow up freely, happily and healthily, discovering from their early ages that they are important and have an impact on the world around them,
to experience and discover the international environment that we live in,
to live in harmony and share experiences with friends, family and teachers

To achieve this, our concept is based on three pillars: Woods and Wellbeing, Living Languages, Partnership with Parents.